Course Tour

Hole 1

Par 4 413 yds 394 yds 370 yds 323 yds

Pretty much a straight forward hole with Out of Bounds left and a large fairway bunker on the right side. A large tree blocks the left side of the hole, so a tee shot down the right side of the fairway gives you the best looking approach shot.

Hole 2

Par 4 409 yds 371 yds 371 yds 329 yds

An accurate tee shot is critical. Trouble left and right, but don't hit it too far as a creek runs across the fairway on the other side of the hill.  2nd shot is tough, as you need to avoid the bunker on the front right side.  Once you reach the green you may still have a long way to go.

Hole 3

Par 4 349 yds 321 yds 301 yds 279 yds

This fairway slopes from right to left so expect a hard kick left with a solidly struck tee shot. Avoid the tree and fairway bunkers on the right side of this hole to ensure a clear shot to the green. If the fairway is hit, a short approach shot is awaiting, but don’t hit your second shot long and left or you may not find it!

Hole 4

Par 3 204 yds 186 yds 161 yds 119 yds

A long uphill par 3 with a two-tier green. If you miss the green right or left, you may hope to find the bunkers, as the alternative could be much worse. A 3 here, is a good score.

Hole 5

Par 4 441 yds 408 yds 372 yds 324 yds

Although it is ranked the toughest, it seems to be a favorite of many. A creek lines up the entire right side of the fairway and the entire hole slopes to the right. Tee shots almost certainly kick to the right. A tough 2nd shot from a sidehill lie over water to a long and narrow green can be quite intimidating!

Hole 6

Par 3 172 yds 152 yds 140 yds 105 yds

Club selection is critical! The wind seems to change directions continuously from this elevated tee box. Hit it short and you are in the water. Hit it long and you can go OB. The green is tricky and depending on the pin placement, three and four putts can become common.

Hole 7

Par 5 567 yds 548 yds 527 yds 447 yds

Long par 5 with a creek to the left and Out of Bounds right. This is a 3 shot hole for almost everyone. A deep, front green side bunker makes reaching this in two shots really difficult. Once again, the green has a lot of undulation, so hitting your approach shot to a specific spot on the green is critical.

Hole 8

Par 4 354 yds 334 yds 313 yds 257 yds

Dogleg left, as length off the tee is not as important as placement. If you avoid the trees on the left and the fairway bunker, you will have a nice approach from an elevated fairway. Trouble around the green is short and left.

Hole 9

Par 4 382 yds 358 yds 350 yds 297 yds

Elevated tee shot to a valley and back up the hill. Avoid the fairawy bunkers on the right. Once again trouble lurks on both the right and left side of the fairway. The green is elevated and it is tough to see exactly were the flag is positioned. Pay attention to the color of the flag and adjust your club selection, accordingly.

Hole 10

Par 4 444 yds 429 yds 402 yds 325 yds

This is a demanding par 4…The tee shot is all downhill, long hitters need to be wary of the pond off the tee. The rightside of the fairway is ideal for a good approach. The 2nd shot is all carry over the water and bunkers guard both sides of the green.

Hole 11

Par 4 349 yds 330 yds 305 yds 255 yds

This par 4 is the shortest one on the course, but it can come out and bite you if you are too aggressive off the tee. If you carry the water in front of the tee box and avoid the creek on the left, a well placed tee shot will leave you with a wedge approach.

Hole 12

Par 3  181 yds 164 yds 135 yds 95 yds

Another strong par 3 as water is everywhere. You need to carry your tee shot over water, avoid the water on the left and avoid the water long. A shot just right of the green may catch a favorable bounce.

Hole 13

Par 5  478 yds 449 yds 432 yds 368 yds

A reachable in two, par 5, if you avoid the tree lined trouble on both sides of the fairway. If you need to lay up avoid a grouping of bunkers on the left side of the fairway. The green is extremely long, a back pin location could be a 2 to 3 club difference.

Hole 14

Par 4  401 yds 366 yds 346 yds 315 yds

The fairway is all downhill off the tee and avoiding the right side is a must. The green is well protected with bunkers and is two-tiered. The approach is to an elevated green and the lie is usually a downhill one.

Hole 15

Par 4  352 yds 329 yds 298 yds 250 yds

Precision is needed off of the tee as the best approach to the green is from the right side of the fairway. The fairway bunkers can come into play off of the tee and hitting it left could leave your approach blocked by tall trees. The green is also well protected by bunkers requiring a precise approach.

Hole 16

Par 4  422 yds 390 yds 377 yds 324 yds

This one is a tough driving hole. It is a tree lined slight dogleg right and avoiding the fairway bunker is critical. Don't think about the Out of Bounds right, it comes up on you quick! The approach isn't much easier as you are hitting back into a chute lined by trees. Avoid the bunkers short of the green.

Hole 17

Par 3  152 yds 135 yds 119 yds 110 yds

A par 3 with a beautifull background and an elevated tee. The bunker on the right side is very deep, it must be avoided.

Hole 18

Par 4  403 yds 386 yds 361 yds 332 yds

This is a demanding finishing hole. A slight dogleg right with large Carolina Pines lining the right side. The bunker on the left gives the hole a nice definition, but don't sneek your tee shot into this trouble. The approach shot is all uphill and the green is very deep and undulated. Precision is key again with this blind shot. Trouble lurks to the right with a deep greenside bunker.