Driving Range Rules & Rotation

Rules and Regulations

1. Collared Shirts are required while on the driving range
    or course.

2. Only range balls rented from Wildwood Green are
    allowed to be used.

3. On days drivers are allowed, the range is limited
    to shots of 250 yards or less.

4. All golfers must sign in with the golf shop on each
    trip to the range.

5. Only when designated are drivers allowed. When
    allowed, drivers and fairway woods can only be used
    from the last four stations nearest Strickland road.

6. All shots must be aimed towards the back left corner
    of the range.

7. No range balls are allowed to be removed from
    Wildwood Green property.

Hours of Operation - Last Bucket Sold at:

January - 5:00pm

Febraury - 5:00pm

March - 6:00pm

April - 7:00pm

May - 7:00pm

June - 8:00pm

July - 8:00pm

August - 8:00pm

September - 7:00pm

October - 6:00pm

November - 5:00pm

December - 5:00pm

Driving Range Information

When hitting off of the mats or grass we ask that
all drivers and fairway woods be hit from the four
furthest stations from the clubhouse. Make
sure all shots are aimed towards the back
left corner of the drving range.

Please place empty baskets on the starter shack
counter or on the green rack near the water cooler.

Leave ropes and dividers in their place at all times.
They are in designated spots based on daily rotation
as well as being in place for your safety.

Any damage caused by an errant golf ball is the
responsibity of the person who hit the shot, not
the golf club.

When hitting off the grass, keep your divot pattern tight.
Place your golf ball on the back edge of the previous
shot's divot and create a straight line of divots while

Driving Range Rotation

The driving range will be rotated on a daily basis while
on the grass. The below scheduled will be kept throughout
the season and we will update the conditions daily on our
automated voice mail. By calling 919-846-8376 extension 1,
you can hear the range and course conditions each morning.
Factors that could affect the daily rotation would be any
special events or the weather. Please check with us
daily if you have any questions.

Daily Rotation -
Weather and Maintenance Dependent

Monday & Tuesday - Grass, Irons Only

Wednesday & Thursday - Grass, Drivers Allowed

Friday - Sunday - Mats, Drivers Allowed From the
                             Last Four Stations.