Women's Member Groups and Leagues

The Wildflowers is a women's golf group at Wildwood Green Golf Club that plays 18 holes together each Tuesday morning of the month, March through November. The Wildflowers have been a part of Wildwood Green since 1975. Our tee times vary from 8am to 10am depending on the season of the year. We have a formal organization with a President, Tournament Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and several other offices for special events. Our yearly membership fee is $15.00. To join our group you do not have to be a member of Wildwood Green Golf Club but you do need to have an established handicap either at Wildwood or some other course. Women of all ages and handicap are welcome.

Each Tuesday during our season we have a specific tournament and each player puts $5.00 in the "kitty", winners are paid cash at the end of the tournament. We try to have a good variety of individual play formats, twosome formats and superballs, in addition to some "unique" games that may be holiday themed for St. Patrick's Day, Independence Day, etc. We also go out to lunch usually one Tuesday per month. We have tournaments with the men's group (The WildOats) called "3 Jacks and a Jill", we have our own Member-Member championship and each year we hold an Invitational Tournament open to women golfers from other courses. We also occasionally travel to other local courses to play, and of course every year we have our annual Christmas party.

Some of our fun golf side contests include: Hole-in-One, Ringer, and our Birdie Tree. We consider our group's main goals are to have fun, get to know other women golfers, and improve our knowledge and skills on the golf course. We publish a newsletter each month during the season with the next month's schedule and for other news or announcements of the group. There is a ring binder in the Ladies Locker Room at Wildwood Green with our past newsletters, please feel free to look through it and see pictures of the fun we've had. Please join us!! We welcome you!

If you have any questions please contact the current co-presidents Linda Hanks or Laura Ross.  You may also call the golf shop for more information at 919-846-8376 ext. 2.

Contact Information:
Linda Hanks: (919) 781-2593 or lghanks4@gmail.com
Laura Ross: 919 649-3535 or ross2inc@gmail.com

2016 Wildflower Tournament Dates:
Wildflowers Member-Member: Tuesday, July 12th
Memorial Tournament: Tuesday, August 9th
Wildflowers Invitational: Tuesday, October 4th

The Wild Working Women

The Wild Working Women play a 9 hole match and stroke play competition on Thursday nights, based on a flex handicap (not necessary to carry a USGA index) to accommodate women who cannot play during the daytime or just want to get out and get in an "extra" round on a week night. While the league is full due to a complete roster of 24 regular players, the WWW can always use substitutes!  Subs play on an 'as needed' basis, and they do NOT have to be a member of WWG to join the WWW. Please contact the clubhouse if you are interested in more info about the Wild Working Women's league, and a representative from the league will follow up promptly.